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1. Introduction

Game Screen   Game Screen   Game Screen
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Platform: Android 1.5 and later devices.

"Drop Coconut" is the game that pick coconut by shaking.

When coconut are dropped, you can put coconut in the box by touching.

Shake and touch as fast as possible, then your ranking will rise.

How to play are as follows:
   1. Shake and drop coconut to the ground.
   2. Touch coconut as fast as possible.

Now, Enjoy "Drop Coconut"~!!

ps) You can control game sound by ring volume control button.

2. Download

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[ Download Free Version - Korea Only(한국 유저용) ]

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- You can download directly in your phone.

3. World Score

[ World Score ]

- Show world best scores and your ranking.

4. Update History

* Update 1.1
- Add level separator in score view
- Sudden exit bug and etc bug fix

* Version 1.0
- Release to market

5. More Games~!!

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