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1. Introduction

June Controller 1   June Controller 2   June Controller 3  
- June Controller Screen -

Platform: Android 1.5 and later devices.

June Controller is application for controlling your PC using mobile networks.

June Controller doesn't need to install, just execute small program in your PC.

After excuting, only input IP Address that the program shows to June Controller. Then you can start to controll PC.

Two version of June Controller are exist.

One is free version. Free version is just for testing. So functions are limited.

The other is paid version. Paid version's functions are followed:
- Mouse Control~!!
- Support "Window Media Player", "GOM Player", "KM Player", "POT Player" (continuous update...)
- Play or pause
- Normal or Full screen
- Move play position(Back/Forward)
- Volume control and mute
- End player

If you need more details, please show "3. June Controller HowTo".

Notice : June Controller uses network communication, so you must connect 3G or WIFI. If you want fast controll, then use WIFI. WIFI network is better than 3G.

2. Download

You can download directly using android mobile browser.

[ Free version download (v2.0) ]

[ Free version download (v2.0) - Korea Only(한국 유저용) ]

- This version is for testing, so functions are limited.

[ Paid version download (v2.0) ]

- Paid version provides all functions.

[ June Controller Server (v2.0) ]

- This Program is small program for June Controller app. Download to your PC and execute it~!.

3. June Controller HowTo

[ June Controller HowTo ]

- If you want to see details, please touch upper link.

4. Update Information

* 2.0 Release
- Mouse control functions added~!!
- Server update file check function added
- KM Player and POT Player added
- Landscape mode bug fixed
- More faster

* 1.0 Release
- Release starts

5. More Games~!!

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- If you want to more games, please click upper link.

6. Requests or Bug reports

[Request or Bug reports]

- If you have any request or encounter bugs, please touch upper link.

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