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1. Download

You can download directly using android mobile browser.

[ Free version download (v2.0) ]

- This version is for testing, so functions are limited.

[ Paid version download (v2.0) ]

- Paid version provides all functions.

[ June Controller Server (v2.0) ]

- This Program is small program for June Controller app. Download to your PC and execute it~!.

1. June Controller HowTo

2.1 June Controller Server Execution

If you want to control your PC, first of all you must execute "June Controller Server".
You can download upper "June Controller Server" link and also download from [ Here ]

Download and save "JuneCttrlServer.exe". Then double-click file and execute.
If you encounter window like this, click "allow" and allow to use network port.

Security Warning Window
- Security Warning Window -

After allow to use network, you can show like this.
June Controller Server
- June Controller Server Screen -

Top of the server, server shows IP address of your PC. This IP address is used in June Controller app (IP address of your pc may not be same with upper screen).

You can also select player' type using center combo box. Now only support "Window Media Player" and "GOM Player", but we will add other movie players continiously.

After download and execute "June Controller Server", go to the next stage.

2.2 June Controller app execution and connecting to server

You can download "June Controller" app in "1. downloads" and also can download [ Free Version ] [ Paid Version ] link(Only support android mobile browser).

After installing app and execution, you can see like under screen that request your PC's IP address. Please type your PC's IP address and click "Connect" button.

IP Address may be different from under screen. So you must execute "June Controller Server" and check real IP address
June Controller
- June Controller App's connect screen -

If connection is failed, you can see error message about fail. Then check mobile networks and "June Controller Server".

After connecting, the screen is changed like under screen.
June Controller Screen   June Controller Screen   June Controller Screen  
- June Controller App's execute screen -

June Controller app has "Player", "Volume/Screen", and "Mouse" tabs. So you can select functions using tab.
Especially, mouse tab contain two button and circles. If you want to move mouse, just touch and move circle to the direction you want. And you want to L-Button double click, tab upper button quickly.
If you encounter bug at "June Controller Server" in PC, please restart server and reconnect to server. Reconnecting is very simple. Push "MENU" Key in your phone, then touch left "reconnect" button

If you success to connection(android to PC) and test it, then go to the last stage and control PC's movie player.

2.3 Movie player execution and control

When "3.1 June Controller Howto" section, we selected movie player type. So execute movie player and select movie to see. The last thing you do is laying down on the bed and control movie player using June Controller.

Most important thing is, you must select movie player using mouse L-Button befor control.
If other window is selected and move to top, June Controller's control data are sent to other window.
So, you must select movie player using mouse then control it~!!

Now, enjoy movie and June Controller~!! ;)

3. More Games~!!

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- If you want to more games, please click upper link.

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