hi.. sorry for writing poor english : can't write korean in this ubuntu linux

in your book at 1106 page return code of kRemoveFile looks ambigous for me

your intend looks for me :

1. if filename size is invalid : return null (0)

this would be ok in the meaning that no file to be removed -> anyway success for removing file has such name

but after this code check if file is found in directory and if can't found return -1!!

point is that :

when return -1?  ( found but can't remove?  or no file to be removed?)

i had aleady searched errand page but can't found issue for this case

anyway sorry for writing poor english but would be good to receive replay in korean



in my opinion : return value of kRemoveFile in 1106 page must be -1 for case "not exists or exists but open"

because test function at 1118 page :

kPrintf("File Not Found or File Opened");

so 1106p return value must be -1 for invalid name case not the 'null'